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Wireless & Wired Networking options available


Call us for more information, we will give you free help and advice, and install the right equipment to meet your needs for your home or business.

Home Broadband wired & wireless networks - Fixed fee installation. A 54g modem/router + 1 wireless network card installed for £100 including VAT. This will enable 2 PCs to share the Internet and printers, disk space etc. Additional PCs, Laptops etc. will require a wireless card if not already fitted. Configuration includes secure wireless networking and firewalls.

Additional cards can be USB, desktop internal or laptop pcmcia (credit card size) for £19.99 inc. V.A.T. each.

We also cater for home offices and small industrial offices (5 desktops maximum), providing  office networking solutions - designed, installed and maintained as required. Internet connection sharing, device sharing such as printers & modems, internal e-mail & intranets. 

All PCs, laptops, printers and other peripherals can be networked in some way.

If you need to share a printer between two PCs you can use a switching box, which is a very basic form of network hub. This hub is specifically designed for this purpose and there is no option for expansion. Wireless printer server boxes are also available for connecting to a home / office wireless network to be able to share a printer with two or more PCs.

If you have two or more PCs, and one of your PCs has a modem or is cabled to the internet via a broadband router, then to be able to share that internet connection, you need to network the PCs together using a network hub / router and a network cable, or wireless router and wireless / wired network cards.

(Two PCs can be cabled directly together with a special cross over cable, but this makes no allowance for further expansion)

If you want to store your documents, images and other important data so everyone else in the organisation can see the data, or ensure all the data within your organisation is regularly backed up to media for off-site storage, then a small business network is the answer.

The perfect solution for most small businesses is to have a central "server" PC running which has a large storage capacity and a powerful processor. Printers can be connected to this server, and a CD / DVD writer or tape drive can be added to perform regular back-ups. Other desktop PCs and laptops can use the server for their data storage and printing. The desktops only need small hard disks and smaller processors reducing their cost of ownership and need for maintenance.

A network server can also be responsible for maintaining access and securing internet connections, e-mail (internal & external), a company intranet and monitoring your employees productivity.

The limitations of the network are subject to the operating system being used on the desktop PCs and a server if appropriate, and the availability of network cards, hubs, routers and cabling. We can provide all your hardware requirements and the expertise to implement the solution effectively.

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