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All our PCs & Laptops, Components and Software are delivered with the appropriate CD's for continued support and upgrade etc.

Prices for PC hardware are continuously changing, and so are the specifications. If you are in any doubt about what you should buy or why you should buy it, then please contact us for free impartial advice.

We hope you will purchase your new hardware and software from us and we always try to beat the competition on a like for like basis. We will also support you and hope to build a professional relationship with a foundation on quality, value and trust  with all our Customers

Branded goods are cheaper direct from the Supplier or from the Internet than from the High Street. Unbranded goods are cheaper still, and use most of, or actually are the same components as branded goods, and are just as reliable and come with the same warranty and level of service, if not better. 

We can supply either branded or unbranded goods, and We are totally impartial and independent. Why not let us try and buy your item cheaper for you.

If you are worried about buying over the Internet, using credit cards etc. let us buy it on your behalf, we will take delivery at our attended offices, then arrange for installation at your convenience.

Ever wondered why PCs advertised in the press come with loads of "free" software, digital cameras, scanners and printers, and all seem to cost about the same? Speak to us and we will tell you!

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