Our Service

Our uniformed staff will come to you, at your home or office, so there is no need to unplug everything and ship your equipment around in your car.

If we need to take your equipment back to our workshop, we will unplug and reconnect everything upon return and ensure it is working properly.

No delivery / collection charges. Fixed rate fees and quality workmanship guaranteed. We will explain all our charges in advance of carrying out any work.

We are Microsoft & Novell certified, insured by Lloyds of London and each technician has a minimum of 10 years I.T. experience 

Many thanks

The Essex PC Doctor.

PC Support

It's always useful to have someone who can understand your problems, make suggestions as to how the problem may be resolved, and if necessary, come to your premises to try and sort out the problem. We are specialists in PC hardware and Microsoft products, but can usually make some informed judgements on most issues.

We are also experienced in resolving Apple Mac OS related issues including networking and peripherals.

 For more information, please Contact Us

Non Contract Support

All fees include V.A.T. and the minimum fee is payable immediately upon completion of the work as scheduled.

Standard Support  Call Charge : Telephone Support £25 ph, minimum 1hr
Site Visit £35 ph, minimum 1hr -
Return to Base Repairs £35 minimum charge

PC Maintenance

Believe it or not, PCs don't just keep running until you have had enough. Like a car, they need careful and regular maintenance. If not maintained, a PC will gradually slow down and seem to grind to a halt. When performing some tasks, the PC may even crash and stop working if left too long.

We can identify potential issues that will arise in the future such as storage devices becoming full to capacity. We can help with copying important documents to CD-ROM or clearing down unwanted files without damaging the system.

Pro - Active PC Maintenance Schedule - £60 per annum per PC. (2 site visits / year)

  •  Disk Maintenance / Capacity Check
  •  Printer clean
  • Scan for Operating system updates (dependent on Internet connection)
  • Virus  / Spyware / Trojan scan
  • Upgrade Path recommendation if appropriate

 Please see our Terms & Conditions and Hardware Repairs information for further details.

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